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Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Coffee and Tea are both healthy beverages. They contain antioxidants that reduce the chance of getting sick. What about? What do you prefer to drink?



A cup of coffee to start a day and many cups of tea to survive during the day )))

A cup of green tea of course ;-).

Only coffee...and unfortunately i take a lot!!!!!


My pattern is similar to Anuta, I start the day with a cup of coffee then have tea a few times in the morning and early evening.

I should say tea. I like the smell of coffee but tea tastes much better! :D

I prefer coffee and I am sure that every single smoker in the world would say the same :-) 

I prefer green tea or flavoured tea...I like the smell of coffe but I dont like it taste...But sometimes we have situations when we need only coffe. For example when you study all night befor your exams. 

totaly agree with Anuta but i add a cup of green tea after launch XD

Great responses! It looks like there are a lot of tea and coffee drinkers on this site.

Thank you Anuta, 7051, Gaetano, Teacher Kelly Shelton, Narges, Batkata, Dasha and Saeed for taking the time to comment here!



Both tea and coffee but mostly I am drinking coffee because that is what available in our house and in the office.

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