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Friendship between man and woman

Do you believe that it is possible?

If not, tell me why:)

If yes - in what conditions?



To my mind, the friendship between man and woman don't exist. Why? it is simple, if you meet the girl who is beauty and nice, then your instinct won't be indifferent. It is the law of nature :)


For me, it's possible. My best friends are women. (including Italki friends)


yes possible..




we must not fall inlove with each other otherwise we will not be friends anymore because it's either we will become a lovers or if the feeling is not mutual and you can't stop/control your feeling while being a close friend maybe it calls for a separation of friendship.


Of course it's possible. Most of my friends are female.

It is not possible. Men and women were destined to be together (couple). Maybe at the first time it is friendship, but they have different gender. They have instinc to like their opposite gender. Relationship between men and women will eventually end up in having feeling or  -desire. So, I don't think friendship between men and women are pure friendships.

Yes it's possible. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't get that. They think that when a man and a woman are hanging out together, there has to be something going on between the two!!

i want to say Yes. In China, you can say they are "蓝颜知己". They have comment topic, hobby or any else. sometimes, they excahnge thier opinion, help each other.  

Yes, it's possible. In the world it's just two gender: man and women. I can't just make friends with gils. People have instinct to like their opposite gender. This is not the only relationship.

If you define friendship is to share something in life , I guess friends can be everyone in the world . But if you had indicated more deeply in heart , I think good friends would be hard to find and rarely to fall in love.

If you are open enough to all different types of friends , you might accept different gender people as  your friends . Friends can help you not only in life but friends can also help you open your vision . You may draw a red line between friends and lovers , then every thing would be easy to take care.

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