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About tightness

I always feel nervous when I perform in front of the people,although I have performed outside many times.When will you feel nervous?



So do I. I always feel nervous everytime I speak English in front of many people. I just afraid of making mistakes when all eyes on me, and I always think that there are hundreds people laughing bcoz I make grammar mistakes. 

i always feel nervous when i talk strangers and stand in front of many people.

Do not set too high standard for your confrontation and you will feel you are doing far better than you can . Nervousness is unnecessary because too nervous attitude cannot drive you to do better  . I would rather you can keep a little tense to face people ahead.

yes ,so do i. i always feel nervous when i speak in front of people and public. Whether speak my native language or english. I will be afaid speak wrong pronunciation and gramma mistake.

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