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What do you think about the increasing popularity of  social nets? Is it better chatting with friends by using facebook, instagram, twitter or you prefer face to face contacts ? Do you believe that in several years our mentality will be grabed by virtual reality?



I think when somebody does chat by using facebook, twitter or any other source, he feels so much secure and he can share everything what he wants to say to anyone, but in real world it's very difficult to express the feelings. I think this is the main reason of social nets popularity. May be you are correct that our mentally life will be grabbed by virtual reality in near future.

I will always to talk to friends and family face to face when possible. But social networks are great to keep in touch with people who live far away who you would otherwise not be able to stay in touch with easily.

i prefer to talking with friends on internet,i feel nervous and don't know how to talk with others face to face,it always make me embrassed.

Social nets are disease and spying tool. I prefer face to face contact. I would like to practice my English but i am not able to find native english speaking people in my country. Therefore i use I use other social nets only for marketing/work purposes. I am in touch with people who live far away using email. I know it is prehistoric way of communication but it allows me to spend my free time useful instead of chatting on facebook.


Good question!  I think for me it is a balance between being online and maintaining face to face relationships.  There are times when I prefer to be online and others when I need to "unplug" and just spend time with friends and family face to face.


I think as each new generation chooses their preferred method of communication it might be possible that in 5 or 10 years most younger people will spend the majority of their time online. 

No matter you like or not , definitely , over the next 2 decades , most young people would spend the majority of their time in online talks and contacts . It is an inevitable trend for the upcoming century . You may still hold the stale conception about eye contact relationship . From time to time , did you feel it is aweful for you to contact someone you do not want face to face ? Especially for those people who will trouble you or just for business .  I have been engaged by a large amount of routine work by PCs instead of face to face contact . It is the current status at present instead of upcoming years . Social network can be build in different ways . You may choose any way you like , however, it is very convenient for you to expand you relationship with the whole world . Take advantage of modern IT and I guess you will love it.

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