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Notifications for comments "on my comments."

This is probably not the best way to bring it to Italki staff's attention (don't really know what is to be honest), but I was just thinking that it'd be nice to have the option to get a notification when someone has posted a comment after your comment.

This would of course result in some unnecessary notifications so, expanding on the idea, it would be nice to choose whose comment you are replying to and maybe only that person gets a notification or something like that.





I definitely agree. There's so many ways to do it.


Sometimes I find myself looking for topics which I didn't participate in, just because I wanted to see how other people replied. It would be great if we could 'follow' a topic or one of its replies, so we get notified of all comments that appear.



I've used the 'Site Feedback' link at the bottom of the page to make suggestions twice. Both times I got responses quickly.

The first time I asked if it was possible to see messages sent in follower requests after accepting them. This feature was added a day later.

The second time I asked for an edit function. I got a reply within twenty-four hours, saying it was something they were discussing and that it would be brought up at the next meeting.

I agree with your suggestion and with Jmat's. I've also submitted feedback about an edit function.

i agree, it'd be an excellent idea :)

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