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How do you express the multiplication table(times table) in your native language?Welcome! Different languages

We may discuss the differences between different languages.I think it a interesting topic.

1×2=2 2×2=4
1×3=3 2×3=6 3×3=9
1×4=4 2×4=8 3×4=12 4×4=16
1×5=5 2×5=10 3×5=15 4×5=20 5×5=25
1×6=6 2×6=12 3×6=18 4×6=24 5×6=30 6×6=36
1×7=7 2×7=14 3×7=21 4×7=28 5×7=35 6×7=42 7×7=49
1×8=8 2×8=16 3×8=24 4×8=32 5×8=40 6×8=48 7×8=56 8×8=64
1×9=9 2×9=18 3×9=27 4×9=36 5×9=45 6×9=54 7×9=63 8×9=72 9×9=81

My mother language is Chinese.We often say it as follows:

(reading by columns)

一二得二 二二得四
一三得三 二三得六 三三得九
一四得四 二四得八 三四十二 四四十六
一五得五 二五一十 三五十五 四五二十 五五二十五
一六得六 二六十二 三六十八 四六二十四 五六三十 六六三十六
一七得七 二七十四 三七二十一 四七二十八 五七三十五 六七四十二 七七四十九
一八得八 二八十六 三八二十四 四八三十二 五八四十 六八四十八 七八五十六 八八六十四
一九得九 二九十八 三九二十七 四九三十六 五九四十五 六九五十四 七九六十三 八九七十二 九九八十一

We say it in a simple way.The same figures don't appear twice.

eg."Two times three equals six."only appears once,not appears "Three times two equals six"

and still this example,the standard rule is "two times three equals six."but we say it unformally.We short it for "二三得六"("two three is six") 

And sorry for my poor English,hope everyone can understand what I am saying.You can write it in your mother language and I will be happy to see different people from different countries say it with different languages.

Come on!!!



In my language, Thai, we would say only number without the word "multiply or time". We kind of shorten it.

For example, 2x2=4 would be "two two four".
So we usually go like this:
two two four, two three six, two four eight, two five ten, . . ., two twelve twenty-four.

Very simple and easy for me to remember. 


But, Ant D. Thongwarn, what do you do for division, or addition, or subtraction then? Are there symbols or words for that?

@Ant D. Thongwarn we just like your Thai,but we add "is". two three is six,two four is eight...

and you must finish reading it more quickly than me,I need 1minute.

we also say 2x2 is (would be) 4. and so on ;)

speaking of russian, well, the answer is in the nature of our language. You just change the ending (add or change letters) of a numeral to show what's multiplied by what and there's no confusion at all

По-русски можно сказать (2Х2=4): 1. два на два четыре 2. дважды два четыре

Вариант 2 более школьный что ли :) при этом первый множитель называют:

1 - единожды

2 - дважды

3 - трижды

4 - четырежды

5 - пятью

6 - шестью

7 - семью

8 - восемью

9 - девятью

Удачи ;)

спасибо! Павел

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