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To Judge in Spanish


How do you say "judge" in Spanish? As in, "I'm judging you." Not a real judge in a court, but a person seeing a person do something strange/bad and going, "hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...." hehe




The verb to "judge" someone/something in Spanish is "juzgar"


I think in Spanish the best traslation is... Te estoy observando,

Or Cuidado con lo que haces,

Or No me gusta un pelo tu actitud,

I think we don't use the verb to judge in this sense is more like I'm watching you. If this is the meaning you are talking about!! We don't say... te estoy juzgando, we only use this term in the court, but not like slang or colloquial language. We say the words that I wrote up ... Cuidado con lo que haces, 

No me gusta tu actitud,

Te estoy observando,

No te estás portando muy bien....

It is translated "juzgar" literally, but in this specific case, it´s better to say "criticar"....


Ojo,te estoy mirando.

Cuidado con lo que haces,estoy controlando.

Teestoy observando...

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