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Practice english

How is the best way for practice english every day? But I live in brazil.



I try to think in English when I say something in Portuguese, especially when I'm talking with someone (when I'm alone i do it too ha ha), it helps me a lot :)

Thank you.

What is the best way for practising English? - Listerning to the radio will help you with your listerning skill. - Writing letters, a diary or whatever you like will help you with your writing skill. - Speaking whenever you can (Alzira's tip is a good practice) will help you with your speaking skill. - Reading news, documents or books adapted to your English level will help you with your reading and comprehension skills. Remember always to read out loud and keep at hand a good dictionary. - Playing with the word, using mnemonics or making associations will help you to increase your vocabulary. - Looking at the Internet you will find a lot of resources. Here you are a couple of them: Hope that helps.

Thank you

Thinking of everything in English in your daily life . Persevere to study English as much as possible in all fields . Find a favorable partner to practice each other .

thank you

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