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Arabic keyboard issues

Does anyone know how to write wasl or dagger alif with the standard "Arabic" keyboard offered by MAC OSX?


Going out of my mind here..



On my MAC OSX, it's like this:



shift + ز



shift + ي



shift + ر



shift + د



shift + ذ



shift + ا


Thanks Heba :)

Did manage to find all of those.


However, can't figure out how to type the one that for example goes on top of "ha" in هٰذَا.


Also looking for the one that goes on top of alif in the definite article to indicate that it is elidable. 

Unfortunately, I did not find them either. Maybe you can download them or copy them from here: even though that's not a practical solution.

شكرا جزيلا

Sure better than nothing :)


i hope that i know sorry

Shift + W = اً

Shift + R = اٌ

shift + S = اٍ

Shift + Q = اَ

Shift + E = اُ

Shift + N = آ

Shift + X = اْ

I don't know if that what you want or not ???

Hi Hana

I am looking for ألف خنجرية

and همزة الوصل

I can't find them on my keyboard :(



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