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male-chauvinism: some men pretend to be smarter and stronger than women. what do you think?

are men smarter and stronger than women or it is just a RUMOR spread by them to dominate everything and maybe to cover thier weakness? what do you think?



There are lots of things that can make a person strong, and I think that the gender isn't one of them. So I don't believe that men are stronger or smarter than women.

I think, both (men and women) have advantages and disadvantages. Women can do a lot of things at the same time, we (men) can´t. That´s why we can concentrate more effectively in what we´re doing (It means that we might be more intelligent than they are, just because history says so)... but women could be stronger than we are, because they give birth, raise children, bear and overcome illnesses better than we do, and they also have the ability to take care of us.... So maybe, culture and history has taught us wrongly.

strength has nothing to do with gender 


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