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Black Friday? Happy Friday?

Today is Sep 13, on Friday.

People say it is Black Friday and will happen some bad thing in this days . But also have people say it is a happy Friday. How do u think about it?



I think it depends on your attitude .

always try to be hopeful and expect the better


Nothing bad has ever happened to me on this day. I believe it will be happy.

yes! hopefully this is a happy day for me also.

If someting bad happen on you,then you think this day is a bad day.But if you are happy all the day you think this is a nice depend on yourself.

When I hear Black Friday first thing that comes to my mind is sales and big discounts. Am I wrong?

Can someone explain is there any difference  between Black Friday and Friday the 13th?  

English is a living language and it is also country specific.  In the USA,  the term "Black Friday" has come to refer specifically to the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Many people have that day off from school and work so they are free to begin shoping for Christmas presents on that day.  More recently, it is just a great day for bargains in brick and mortar stores while Internet shopping has its own special day.  A "black day" for that stock market such as "Black Tuesday" is somewhat unusual because normally, a drop in the market causes people to see red and for stock portfolios to go from black (credit) to red (debit).  While Friday the thirteenth is considered unluckly by some people, it is not usually called "Black Friday".

Xarmanla, thank you for your detailed explanation.   


I think it's about your attitude.  For some people this day means bad luck but for others it is just another Friday.  I choose the latter.

I found something interesting in Wikipedia for Friday the 13th. Do you know that the 13th day of the mouth is slightly more likely to be a Friday than any other day of the week? What do you think about that?  Is it coincidence? 

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