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it's Friday

Woke up today yay ?
its Friday the 13th?

What’s your plans for today?



it's 15:45P.M. here (China), 9/13.i'm working now .

it's week end....i dont believe in superstitious that the calendar date "friday the 13th"

will cause bad luck or bad omen. it's part of the calendar date in a year. its a usual day in school.


I am flu and i should take a rest at home :)

Well, my day started alright, however half way into my research my Surface decided to take a wrong turn “Im not turning on even if you cry” so I’m stuck without my beloved tablet/pc

Hi! It's 5pm in Moscow. The weather is wet and cold. It seems to be just an ordinary Friday, nothing special. I wonder, why this date makes some people prick their ears up? Does anyone have an unlucky experience with this day?

I'm going to the casino to play blackjack and buy a powerball ticket.  I should be able to find an open table.  Many gamblers are superstitious and stay away from the casino on Friday the 13th.  I think it's bad luck to be superstitious.

buy a powerball ticket = play the lottery

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