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What you prefer, to stay alone or to be in group or crowd?

I want opinion from all of the readers regarding above subject.

What you personally prefer. do you like to stay alone? or in some particular or group? or in the crowd. and why you prefer this?

Looking forward to see some Nice answrs from all Readers.




I prefer being in the crowd. Simply, nobody knows when you cry  or not in a good mood or sort of since they are busy with their own mind and life. Better..

rather than alone.Tendency to do a suicide will be smaller or disappear a while.


I'm an introvert.  My worst nightmare so far has been visiting E-Mart in South Korea on a Saturday.  Never again!

I want to be alone and just stay at home where I can be ugly and enjoy it.. It is okay sometimes to be in a crowd like 2-4 person hehe  lol I dont know iif that calls crowd.

I like to live in a crowd  but i do not like to be too close to take a breathe . I can enjoy working with my staff ubt they are just coworkers . 

staying alone and staying with the crowd both gives benefits of advantage and dis advantage.

staying will be deprived of happiness, experience in socialization, not having real friends,

you will not be able to enjoy life in a lively way, you can't laugh the way others enjoy

laughter, your learnings will be limited, your confidence will not be develop. you will

be an outcast,you are hindering your brains to grow and you will not be updated with

things that is happening around you. you will not experience the joy of having innovations

and technology because you limit yourself to not meet challenges of life.

staying with in the crowd.... keeps you otherwise i mentioned above. unless you need a space to breath

from hectic schedules it is not wise to be just on a corner rolling your eyees to just

observing. you need to participate to be on the crowd for a new knowledge, to explore

to maximize your potentials. although it is not good to be always with in the crowd

it is your choice, your freedom, your control to do what gives you the balance to be

with in the crowd. exceeding the limits can cause us harm. so it is up to the person

to make controllable actions. and be civilized to mix and make closeness.

I think I'm an introvert. I have so many friends, but I get nervous when I'm with them for a long time. I also prefer being with them two by two, not when we are in a group. Some of my friends say I'm not loyal, but I think the problem is that if I spend too much time with them I will have no more for myself, and it makes me depressed.

I prefer to be alone. Just because I need my space and I know that it easily getting to much when There's people around.

And I feel better when I am alone.

When I'm alone, I miss my friends, want to be in a crowd. But when I'm with my friends, I need space and want to be alone :/


depends on my mood

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all your comments.Now i want to take further this discussion and hope to get reply from all of you and also some more comments are always welcome.

From comments above one thing in clear that most of people need sometime for themself and so they like to stay alone atleast for sometime in a day.

Now my new topic is ,does Social networking site helps the introvert people to express their feelings?and make some friends which they not really make in real life?


Thanks to everyone once again.

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