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I'm confused

When I heard Wentworth Miller is a gay,I'm really surprised,but happy for him.At least,he has courage to admit that,and everyone deserves happiness life.Some of my idols are gays and I would say I still love them.I just dont understand why some people against them.And what u guys think?



it's ok to be gay in the modern world. Some people just used to blame Jews and gays in everything

they do this with no reasons?Maybe they're influenced by tradition,I can understand a little bit now

Denis, are you serious? Gays are genetically defective people, they are abnormal. I don't blame them, how can we blame sick people for their sickness? What do Jews and gays have in common? Sherry didn't write anything about Jews. Is it your idée fixe?





According to some theories, men are very insecure about their masculinity. Maybe that is one reason that men usually live shorter lives than women. They are always wondering: "Am I a real man?"


So some gay bashers (men who physically or orally attack gay men) are secretly afraid that they, too, might have feelings for men. Also, some gay bashers are actually gay themselves. They say bad things about gays so that no one will suspect that they are gay, too.


Men (and governments), however, are not so afraid of gay women. Some theories say that most men do not  care if a women is gay or not gay. They do not think that women are important.


As you said, many famous people are (or were) gay.  I have heard that many American male movie stars and athletes are gay, but they cannot "come out of the closet" because they  are afraid that they would lose many of their fans.


As you implied, there are good gays and there are bad gays. Just as there are good straights (non-gays) and bad straights.


In 2013, many people in the world feel that the most important thing is to be a good person -- not what you do in your bedroom. If you live in the United States or Europe (or in a few places in Asia), you will find that most people now  have the attitude of "Live and let live." That is, I will live my life, and I will let other people live their lives.





James,I totally agree with the attitude:live and let live.We have no rights to judge anyone.And I can understand why gays always keep the gays fact a secret,if I were a gay,mabye I would do the same things to hide myself.And I'm watching a TV series called Devious Maid now, there's a singer in there is gay,he's afraid to admit his sexual orientation,just as you said.And u said the part of bad gays and straight,they truly exist,and may god bless them.

Nicely said, Sherry. "live and let live" is such a simple phrase, but it really is powerful.

Actually , I am very happy to see those gays or lesbian can confess they love same gender in public . It requires huge courage for them to tell the truth that I admire .  I think most of them are not sick or ill , instead , they are just variants , opposed to most people . Everybody has his unique character which is rooted from his unique gene . Gay's genes are not supposed to be regarded as defective ones  . Different genes may be more favorable to be described . 

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