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Hey guys!Have you ever had an infatuation for your teacher during middle school?

=) Let's open our minds!

When i was in high school i had a strong infatuation for my history teacher ,she was so charming and elegant. And still i can't wipe her out of my mind.

Now i am a practice teacher of a vocational high school ,  it seems weird that i have an infatiation for my  mentor  again,who is the leader of Research Group of Tourism.But i do understand it's just a passing infatuation,not real love.








never. Most of my teachers in high school were old ones...:)

Oooh no never!! they were old for me and they were not attractive no no no. I remember some students in my class felt attracted by Greek teacher, he was very friendly and younger than the rest of teachers so I guess it made him interesting, but not for me :D

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