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10 Superb Psychological Advantages of Learning Another Language

Here is a link to an article listing 10 psycholgical benefits of learning other languages:


These benefits include:
Brain Growth
Stave off dementia
Hear language better
Become more language sensitive
Boost your memory
Better multi-tasking
Increased attention
Increase cognitive boosts
New ways of seeing the world
Improve your native language skills

Have you experienced any of these? Can you add any other benefits to the list? 



my favorite is: new ways of seeing the world)
thank you for a link 

It retards my dementia , I am sure . I can boost my memorization by learning English . I am able to embrace broader vision to command the world . 

in addition to that... putting things into your hearts with focus and determination.

in my opinion u can realize the improvement of memory and the way of seeing the life cos when u learn a different language actually u learn a different culture and that makes u an intercultural person.i can realize the effect of that on memory cuz my memory sucks when i cannot remember a word i remember the word in another language and i recall it :)

Very interesting! I've been feeling some effects as below.

"Boost your memory", "New ways of seeing the world", and "Improve your native language skills".

Plus, I feel my brain give out "Happy hormone" every time I realize that my english gets a little better!

Oh yes, learning new languages help me a lot! :)

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