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are you still enjoy life? why?

in recent years, i feel tired to do anything, and i don't know why i should study? why i have to live?







In order to live well  in the future ,you must study hard in college .You could think how  beautiful the future is .


There is a higher plan for each of us in this life.  Study to become aware.  Live to give.  Believe that you are special because you are.  Study to become that which you were meant to be.  Never give up.  Laugh and find joy.  Get out and move in nature.  Life is a beautiful gift. 


I think a lot of people have had the same feeling, it's normal, specially if you're a young person. You have to looking for your way, find yourself, make decisions about your future,etc. And all that, can be exhausting if you have no idea about what you want.  

But I' m sure you have a dream, an ambition, a desire, a hobbie, a talent or something, that if you think about it, makes you smile or happy.

Try to just enjoy life, enjoy little details and live without worries or regrets. I know sometimes that sounds difficult, but seriously, turn around and see how beautiful, magical and amazing the life is.

Human beings can make a lot of mistakes, but also, a lot of beautiful things! and you are part of everything!!

Come on! Find yourself and take the world in your hands. JUST ENJOY and LIVE!!!

We have a lot of opportunities if we are positive and we're all right with ourselves 



PS. Sorry for my mistakes. I' m learning!

Learn to live with yourself. If you cannot realize why you love , stop loving immediately and savor living without love . You will know if you need love. If you do not know void , you will not know life.

You are young and have your life ahead of you. Talk to an older person or a careers adviser at your uni.


To live and breath is a happy thing for you . You are existent as you can think. That is why you are here and you can make sense for something or someone .

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