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可以试试VOA 有那种简单的版本,就是会说的比较慢 可以试试看




No, it wouldn't be helpful to repeatedly listen to something you don't understand.  You still may not get it after 100 times.  The reason may be you don't know the words or the context in the news.  News usually is a bit more challenging because it differs very much from the daily conversation.   

我給您一個好建議,您可以下載 BBC 6 minutes learning English (google一下),不用買 哪裡東西很多足夠你聽


Tthere are texts for each session of listening . At the beginning , it is hard to catch a sentence indeed , however, I bet that is a process of mastering your ears and associate your knowledge with  sensory organs (ear). Do not give up and keep on listening  . But yet you neeed modify your learning material as my instruction .

Hi allen  我不知道怎么下载,可以教一下我吗?

坚持听,天天听。可以先听VOA的慢速英语,看英语卡通,看cctv-news, 听cri英语新闻,。。。坚持下去就是胜利!

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