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FREE LESSONS. I'm studying to become a English teacher for highschool level.


I want to teach English grammar for free. Please contact anyone you know who wants a serious person who wants to learn English grammar. My skype is: solraketh



I need to practice English speak if you could help me would be great... I speak spanish--



Add me on skype Osvaldo: solraketh

Podimos ser amigo en Skype! Alli me llamo solraketh


Still looking for people.


i'm still available!!

I added u on skype. I hope c u there! THX.

Me intereso la propuesta amigo (Y)
Te contacto por skype ? 


Ok. Hace lo.

i know some english but bas in grammar.. care to help? thanx

Sarei interessata, ho bisogno di imparare inglese, quando sei disponibile contattami... grazie :)


Just add me on Skype :) . My skype is Solraketh

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