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How many characters do you know?

A lot of places quotes 3000 as the number of Chinese characters you should know in order to read a newspaper written in Chinese.


Chinese people:

Would you agree with this number?

Approximately how many characters do you know?



I forget what my professor said about how many characters are needed to read a newspaper, but I know that, technically, I know over 200 characters. Whether I remember them all is a different story... haha

actually i really don't know……but i think almost

I think this number is if you want to understand many things...  and you are able to read, but i think it isn't enough as for read a newspaper...  When I take an chinese exam supossly.. in the requierements was to know 3000 Characters, I didn't have troubles with the characters,, i knew all of them.. But for me it's really hard to read a newspaper, I can understand the idea (sometimes), but I don't understand most of the words.

If you read a newspaper is because you have an advance level.. and for an advance level is required to know more than 8000 characters.. most of chinese should know more than this quantity I think.

I agree with nita998710 . Chinese characters are used to make different nouns by collocation  . You might take more time and effort in making sentences by assembling characters or nouns .

If you ask me how many characters do i know.This really make me stumped.As far as i'm concerned(i'm Chinese boy 17 years old),i dont know how many characters i know.Maybe 8000 maybe 10000 or ...more...But i agree the idea of nita998710.Chinese characters can spelling many different words,different spelling have different means.It's very flexible.

agree with Erica. Not only chinese charaters can compose different words and phrases, but also the same words can express different meanings in different sentences.

Anyway, Chinese charaters evolved over time from earlier forms of hieroglyphs. You can guess or imagine the meaning of the words. That will be helpful to understand the Chinese charaters.

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