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I'm going to Japan!!!!!!!

You have no idea how excited i am right now. Finally, my long-awaited dream is about to come true!! i will be going to my dreamland; the Land of the Rising Sun, the Global Kawaii Capital, the quirky haven we all call Japan!!! :)

I will be flying off to Japan next month and I realized this leaves me more or less a month to improve my Nihonggo. I had been always listening to podcasts and had started learning the basic Kanjis. However, I want to know how i could progress more. Do you have any tips on what I should learn first? like, all those words that a foreigner might need when he or she steps in Narita Airport. 

Thanks a lot in advance. 



I am so happy for you, Michelle.


I have never been to Japan, but I have read a lot about it.


I am sure that you will love it.


I hear that Kyoto, for example, is an incredibly beautiful city.


And I am sure that you will be impressed by how clean and orderly everything is.



Have fun!

Ang saya say naman! ^^, Congratz sana ako din balang araw

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your stay in Japan! :D I want to go there as well that's why I'm studying hard to learn Japanese. Please do share your experience! Have fun!


Hello Michelle,

reading your message reminds me of my first time in Japan in 1989! I was excited like you!

My recommendation: study Hiragana, mostly to read, because train station names are also written in Hiragana and this lets you understand where you are going.

Have a great time!

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