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Is it really useful to practice English on Italki with a foreign teacher?

Hi, everyone, i am Kelly from Shanghai,China.I just get my Master Degree and begin to work. Now the working lanuage is English. I hope to practice my speaking English online. Can you just tell me, does it work to chat with one professional teacher on Italki? Actually, i don't know about the details about online learning. Is there anyone who can help me? thank you.




why, i saw so many teachers online are available.

I just want to find some friends.

perhaps we could be English partner, if you never mind. We can chat with English anytime through QQ or something else...

Oh really?That'd be good.

how to find a favorable language partner

thank you, allen. you are right.

我想这是有用的,你可以和这些人锻炼你的英语  应该还是有帮助的,,至少我是这么想的


I can be your English teacher! I'm studying at the university to become an English teacher right now!

May I know your QQ

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