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What according to you is he best way to learn a new language?

Post your innoative thoughts and ideas



Talk to a native speaker face to face.


Total immersion onlie. Reading, listening, speaking and writing in Spanish, when you are at home in front of the computer. This is my own approach to English. And I can say is very useful, I've been studying this year in this way and I've improved a lot. 

I have a resource that maybe is useful for you, my youtube channel and my blog:


If it is possible, find a friend who speaks the language you wish to learn, but who cannot speak yours very much.  It will be difficult to communicate but if you are determined and have a good relationship it will make the learning fun for both.


I think a universal method that works for everybody does not exist. Every person learns at their own pace using different strategies. Some people are more visual and rely on writing and pictures to learn, some others have developed an accurate ear and rely more on what they listen, etc.

Moreover, learning a language depends highly on motivation and your needs with the second language. If you do not feel the need to develop skills in the other language or just simply do not like it, then your attempts are doomed to failure.

For that reason, the best way is one suited for the specific needs of the learner and that can motivate students. That is why it is very important that teachers and students talk to each other to negociate the contents and material employed in the classes.


Read, read, read.  Speaking without reading is like a dry well, nothing to come forth.  Reading helps one pick up grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, etc.  along the way.  I have yet to meet one non-native who has excellent command of the language and a vast amount of vocabulary yet does not read on a regular basis.  


Listen to your favorite genre of music in your target language. It gets very adddicting and you are learning without even realzing it.


I totally agree with Marco each studet has his or her own approach to the target language. But the motivation is very important and of course, you hve to practice every day!!

And Evangeline said something very useful, when you have a good relationship with another person and you are comfortable, you learn a lot and not exclusively about language, also culture about this language.

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