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Must haves


When you leave the house in the morning what are three things you must have with you?



I will take my cellphone, the door keys, and definately money....haha

Personally I can do with just one thing - my bag.

But.... a bag full of a lot of useful things - cellphone, money, passport and others ))

The keys, my ID card and some coffee to keep my awake :-}


It depends on where I am going.  But if I am going to be getting on a bus or a train, I must have a book to read.  I generally never leave the house without a book if I am going any distance.  It is a nice thing to have if I am going to a cafe or restaurant alone.  Then I can read while waiting.

the keys, the phone and the force for working

My cellphone, the Tablet PC, wallet. 



my cellphone,wallet and my packbag



Such great answers.  I think the phone is the one item that everyone agrees is absolutely essential.

ebook for my freetime, money at least for cofee and my bag with different stuff =)

My keys, My Wallet including my ID card + money and My Phone+headphone

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