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I need a grammar review

I had programmed the DC-OPF in Digsilent using DPL. DPL is a software like C++, so we were able to develop a Newton algorithm to solve the OPF; we've gotten the same results in comparison with MIPS algorithm from Matpower. Right now, we're having a problem with the iterative algorithm, so I want to study this failed trying to solve the problem that the MIPS algorithm has. Yes, the costs are linear, and I'm studying that problem.
My future idea will be programmed a generation expansion planning algorithm using just the power generators as decision variables. In this case, I must use maybe a branch and bound algorithm. Do you have any experience with this algorithm? In the state of the art, I don't find any planning algorithm solved with the reduced model. What do you think as contribution to the state of the art?
In the same topic, I'd like to develop a transmission expansion planning algorithm in the next stage. I've published some publication about these topics applying evolutionary algorithms, but I want to change the tool that I use to solve the optimization problem, or maybe I'd like to carry out a mix tool.
With a colleague, we've used PLEXOS to include the uncertainty in the planning problem using a stochastic programming. I hope that I can develop a similar tool to model the uncertainty in the capacity expansion problem.
I wish that we can plan a presentation about optimization algorithms applied to the power system problems. What do you think about my proposal?

I hope that you can help to review the english grammar with this text.




If you put this in a notebook entry I can more easily help you edit your grammar. Also my boyfriend is an electrical engineer so I can ask him if you are using the correct words to explain the content you are writing about i.e. DPL and C++

Great, so I'll wait your comments and observations in the text. Thank you so much for your kind help.

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