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My name is Raffaele from America (Florida). I wish to be taught the Italian language from a native tongue (specifically southern dialect); who can teach me southern pronunciation, and grammar. I hope to hear from you soon, grazie.





Ciao Rafael and may I ask you whay would you like to learn a dialect and not the language? And what do you mean with southern pronunciation? 

Salute Silvia,


The reason I wish to learn the Neapolitan dialect is because my family is from Ischia, I wish to speak their native tongue. I would like to learn the actual dialect of the Ischian people from the province of Napels.

A rather original request :-) I wish you'll find someone from Ischia who will be able to teach you the island dialect, but I suggest you to consider the fact that, if you learn the Italian language, you can communicate with people from every part of Italy, including Ischia; the reverse, though, it is not true, for example I am from Rome and I surely understand English better than strict Ischian dialect :-)

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