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i want to learn Chinese but not sure where to start !

hello guys , I'm really interested in learning chinese , but I'm not quite sure if i'll succeed , anybody can give me a push forward and show me in brief what chinese language requires ?!



learning chinese requires what it is required to learn any language requiers balls. TO WANT IT and a lot of dedication. About where to begin I think you should begin for the alphabet I don't speak chinise but I learn russian and that's what I learned first and I think it is the most important thing when you learn a language with different types od letters.

I`m studing Chinese now. And I don`t think studing Chinese is so complicated, try to start with phonetics and simple characters. like 我 means I , the pronunciation is like "wo", 我们 means we, the pronunciation is "women"

Do you have comparable motivation to learn Chinese ? I think no matter what language you want to learn , you had better set a clear target to go for , otherwise , it is very easy for you to fail .

you can start from pinyin, I think everyone who learns chinese is start from this, chinese included.

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