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Could you tell me how to improve English listening skills quickly? Please give me some tips?



You can listen to English music or BBC news. This is the best method to improve your English listening


You could try watching English video's on YouTube that have subtitles, or find English songs you like and get the words of the song and read them while listening to the song. This is a great way to learn intonation.

Train your ear to fit different task of listening by constant practice . My listening is also not good enough though , I keep on listening day after day . At present , I can find I am making a progress  by degrees . There is no special tips as far as my acknowledge can reach . To repeat  listening the same footage is critical . 

formal english with subtitles  ( CNN OR BBC) , one hour each day for at least 6 months , and without subtitles somtimes will be great   :)  


good luck 


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