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Find some interesting book!

Hello dear,

I am concerning about some book which is easy to read in english. Can u give me some advice of interesting books that you love? Specially which website can i access to read online book without fee? Thank you so much.!





Hey Thuy! 

Check out this site, it offers online books in many languages (Including English). Create you an account (they're free I have one but don't use it much). Hover over a word you don't know and it will display in your native language. 

Good morning Thuy, you dont need to buy books to improve your english langyage.

On the internet all sources are available the only books you need to get them is: 

1- The new oxford picture dictionary 

2- good grammar book for me i read (Just enough english grammar illustrated)

3- Reading newspaper online for me i read (The new york times) 

4-reading short stories is good to improve your english language.

5-And at last if you want to read a book you must choose a book that easier to read with simple vocabulary.

And if you can find the first books on a bay where all pirates meet. :))


Goodluck on your learning journey.


How easy?   What is your level?

Actually, i don't know which level i am. But i think i should read some books with basic level. 

I hope u can give me some advice about interesting books, SteveMP. Thanks

Thanks Ahmad Alazmi about your advice!

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