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Which is the most popular social networking sites in your country?


Which is the most popular social networking sites in your country?like facebook or someother website.You can briefly introduce this site and how to use it. Can this website like italki that you can find some friends who can teach you language and share happiness with you?



Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, 2go are definitely the commonest social networking sites.

Mostly people use Russian social network vkontakte or FB and twitter.

In China, since most people cannot get access to either FB or twitter, they normally use QQ, which is a product of Tencent, to communicate. It is kind of like MSN, but more powerful, I mean, have more functions. In recent years, another product of Tencent, Wechat, has become increasingly popular. It is a very common app among the young. In addition, university students tend to use Renren, which is Facebook-liked website. 


Instagram is very popular here in UAE 

Twitter also.

Facebook, Of course. The second is zingme.

Facebook ,twitter and Instragram

Facebook, Twitter

My twitter name is @MozartST3

of course FACEBOOK tough It has been filtered in my country!


Facebook,Twitter and Ask

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