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Human Cloning

Do you agree about Human Cloning? Do you think it is possible? If ever it will be possible Do you think it is ethical or unethical?



for sure people can make a human clone but without a life and emotion.  If someday somehow people can able to make a human clone with a life that would be unethical because it will be against nature.


Human cloning could happen....I keep hearing bout it being illegal. I believe it would tamper against god. A clone would not be treated fairly since it does not have the same value as a human life or human rights. In sci-fi movies clones are seen as the jealous type just to kill off the original to take his/her place. I don't know what it is like to have a twin sibling.

kamal i want to have a twin but not a clone.. things made by human is not always perfect.. it always has a side effect

I don't believe in cloning because we are just human we can't make another human another us. We are not God!

I can't think of anybody in the world I'd like to have two of.

it is a bleak future, someone would live eternally, clone one and have head transplant.

ayad - its okay to use for medical purposes if our clone don't have a life and emotion. Yes people make new things that causes human life easy and suffering.

I believe this issue must be highly controversal and paradoxical even decades later. The complete Human cloning is not expected at least under current legistration , however, partial human cloning like kidney , heart, liver etc seems promising over the next decade .For those people who suffer from serious diseases , they have no choice but accept implantation surgery to survive . It is obviously justified for partial human cloning.  Test tube babies were criticized by some conservative organizations before , yet at present , so common to see. I guess the issue will evolve as years by .


I think it's impossible. In my understanding, one soul/spirit (that tells who we truly are) can only possess one body (our earthly outfits for now) at a time in this known four-dimensional (3D plus time) world.


I think it may be possible in the future.  I just hope if/when it does happen we are prepared as a society for all the drama that will result.

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