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How Do I Use QQ.

Hi. I have a Jiayu Andriod and QQ is an app in my android. Its all written in Chinese or so and I have pals who are on QQ. I'ld like to use and enjoy my QQ. Please I'ld need help signing up and communicating on QQ. I dont understand the language so is there anyway I can change the language to English. I'ld be expecting comments. Thanks



I'm not sure if there is an English version QQ in android. But I can help you to sing up and let you know how to use QQ.

That would be great. So do u need details to help me sign up?

Yes, tell me your QQ screen, or you can send me a picture on email.

Whatz QQ screen. I use a Jiayu JY G2 Android, is it the screen dimension of my phone you mean?

I mean the interface, when you sign up. I think you can install an international QQ version in your computer, than sign up. When you get a QQ number, you can use it to login your cellphone.

you can download a international edition about qq. it uses english in the sreen , so you can understand how to use it

Thanks a lot for the comments, I find them very helpful. Thanks a million. I'ld try downloading the international version. Thanks again.

Hi Star Man. It'll be awesome to be your friend, but unfortunately, I don't have a skype and I just got help with the QQ stuff. So, I'ld give you my email address; My whatsapp contact; +23408037805378. You can look up my previous discussions, especially the one on My Contacts and feel free to add me up on any of my accounts. Thanks.

You can download the international QQ from here.

Hope it is useful :)

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