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Are you practicing walking every day?

What is the best time to practice walking

Do you walk only to take down the weight?

I need one benefit to walking * .. *



Of course there ar a lot of benefits on the health. I can list the two important ones. The first is the impact on the weight, it helps a lot to get read of fat, which all doctors say about that it's the ground for a lot of diseases. And also it helps the heart keep in good form. 

Among of that, it has good effects on the mental and psychological condition: we feel enthousiast and ready for the jobs that we want to perform after doing any sport. 

i am running 10 laps in order to lose weight and make me healthy. i almost have lessons all of day. in night  , i will do some sports. i helps me relieve  stress . if you walk everyday , you should try to walk fast , like that , it is more beneficial .

thank you for all comments


I like running.  I never run for distance, but only for time.  You need to run for 20 minutes before you see any real benefits.  I recommend building up to running slowly.  For example, you can walk for 5 minutes and then try to run for 5 minutes.  If you feel bored, you can set a goal of completing a 5km fun run. 


My favorite cardiovascular activity is skipping rope.  When I first started I could barely complete 1 or 2 minutes of jump rope.  I would always hit myself with the rope or drop the handles.  Now I jump rope 20 - 30 minutes continuously as a warm-up for boxing.  It is frustrating to learn, but once you develop the skill it is a great total body workout.  You can jump rope anywhere!  So, I always carry a jump rope when I travel so I can workout.


I always running in the night about 40 minutes,the benifits  as u said ,BTW don't forget to  take protective measures~

" thirsty for walking  every time i miss walking  "  my feeling  towards  walking. 

in addition to its great effect on weight control , it has a great effect on spirit. when am sad or not in  a good mood , i just go for a walk with my favorite music... walk and walk :)  


I like walking in the early evening for about 45 minutes.  I always listen to music, it's my thinking time. 

yes I do, I even walk while I'm asleep

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