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How to communicate with foreigners?

  I have a lot of foreign students at the University, some from Russia, some from Europe and America.I often in the cafeteria, passing by the store to see them in droves, I wish to communicate with them, become good friends,But every time I am sorry to say : hello.I love became good friends with foreigners



you should be brave to communicate with them. because you have great sources. in my school , there is no one foreign student.

Once as I studied in Germany, at first I was also shy to communicate, but it turned out that it is used to say "hello" even to unknown people when you enter the elevator.

Thus in several days I knew many people.

I believe that in your university there are also some ways which can help you to say the first "hello". You can give some comment about the schedule or cafeteria, or something else. After the first "hello" it will be much easier to start communication and say the second "hello'  :)


It is very easy to start communicating with strangers, simply make a comment about the weather.  It is easy for people to make small talk about the weather, and then the conversation can more on to other things.  Another tip, if someone looks lost, offer directions.

I wish I could make foreign friends in your network So I can improve my eloquence

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