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Does your dream come true?

I think the most happiness thing is find yourself, u know what the best of u,and u have firmly convenient to do something u like.Would u like to tell me what's your dream and how did u find it?



Hi Holysicily....

                  dreams are is a motivation that gives us drive to carry on and achieved it.

it  sometimes cannot be attained nor achieved if we will not go into a process which is getting formal higher education and finished up a degree or Bachelor courses. but somehow others can thru hard determination and meeting up the challenge. it feels good knowing one is able to reach ones dream.

reaching out a dream needs to be with a good habits ,organized and sytematics,  must value time, hardworks , perseverance and humility. without these attitude/ behavior it would be hard .




my dream does not come ture. i wanna become a traveller . but you know , tavelling must base on money . that is important . now i am a student ,  my first task is to study hard. i will reach out my dream.

Dream will come true if you can meet up every challenge in front of you , or dream will not come true if you bury your head into the sand every time . It depends upon how seriously you look your dream .  Perseverance and patience is also very important to the determination you made.

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