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Сreation is it important for you?

Сreation is it  important for you? How do you impress youself? What kind of creation do you prefer? Do you like creative people?)




I'm not a very creative person however I admire that quality in other people.  In particular, people that can play musical instruments and compose their own music are facinating to me.


I am not sure but I think you mean creativity not creation.? Creation is the thing in the book of genesis, good created man to his image. That stuff. Right?


Anyway, I admire creativity and inventivity. I like researchers and artist, far far more than managers and sales people. I like to make something new, something nobody has made before, do something nobody has done before. And then getting the credits for it, purely in honor. Money is not important, though I get a good salary as a developper. 

Sorry, creativity. My english is not well)

it is important. i think chinese are short of creation. so we should cultivate it . i like creative people


I enjoy all forms of creativity. I'm not good at art or music, but I am very creative at other things, such as building furniture and things from wood and metal. But I appreciate all forms of art and I can see the beauty in all forms of creativity - especially the MASTERPIECE: Nature! and I think that children in school should be encouraged to be creative rather than only learning math, science, and reading.

As Marc0 Wenting noted , maybe you want to say "inspiration " or "creativity " I admire a man of inpiration or creativity indeed . I am not such a talent person . Although I can play instrument , guitar , I still admire composers or lyricists . They are quite appealing to me . 


@Nadin. I am not 100% sure. Maybe you could use the word creation here too. Could a native speaker help us?

I think it is 5% creativity and 95% hard work and persistence


Sorry @Anna, had arguments with this before, so many times, and people hate me for it. But I think it's at least 50% talent you have in your genes, and 50% hard work. A whole lot of people work hard but do not achieve nothing. Okay if you have the talent and do nothing with it, then you accomplish nothing either. But many factors that decide your achievement in life are already nailed down at the moment of insemination. It is depressing, it is not motivating maybe, but I think it is just the truth. Your life is for large parts already in your DNA from your parents.

Creativity is the most important thing in my life. Or it is the most important thing in any intelligent being.  I myself is extremely crazy about oil paintings, and the creation of new thoughts and pictures  fasinates me most.    Of course I do like creative people.  

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