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How Many Condiments Did You Use?

Eating is a huge part of culture and there are so many differencs in how people around world take their meals.One most difference that we can see from the table.

In Chinese restaurants,common things are to be found on the table are vinegar,soy sauce,some restaurants will provide chile oil too.So what's about your country?

Have you evry been made a little complixed dishes for your family?Maybe you need to prepare many condiments,such as peppers,ginger,garlic,green onion,chili oil,cumin,etc.Don't be afraied to do these,when you and your family enjoying the delicious meal that you will feel all is deserved.But go out to a restaurant to taste different country's food is also a good choice.



in our county, you can take like 6-7 of them. But it would be a bit strange if you eat them all at once.


in restaurant soysauce and lemon is commobn to see in the table even in the house ohh i forgot there is also vinegar and chili...


if there is fried chicken they usually give free gravy sauce..



im good and love cooking but its just that i dont cook..feeling lazy unless im  craving for something


In India,we have pickles, chatni,papadam,some dry spice powder raita(veggi mixed with curd).

The most common condiment I am used to adding is spicy pepper. Without spicy flavouring  , I feel food seems no so tasty  . in addition to spicy seasoning , savory is my favoraite taste.

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