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Can you recommend some english movies that is useful for learning english ?




In Brasil many people who wish to learn English say that any exiting films they find interesting and enjoy played with sub-titles helps them a lot when learning English!

I hope this helps.

Any film in English will do. Nevertheless, you should be clear of what type of English you are learning - British English or American English. British English and American English are a little bit different from each other - vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling etc.


Listen and put the words into spaces. ))) I like it

thank irina, i also found a web similar to your web recommend, but is more difficult,


you can try extr@ , it's BBC project. It's rather funny and simple! good luck!

thanks , it's so funny,i watched two year ago

I might recommend Schoolhouse Rock!: Grammar Rock

This is something that americans who are around my age (20) now watched as kids.

thanks you, cute animations, catchy tune

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