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the one you love or accept the one who match with you

Those days I'm confuzed at this problem.I once loved a boy when I was 11 years old ,then 1 year later,I thought I don't love him any more.But after that I have never love anybody.And I would think about him sometimes.

 Recently,I want to get in loved,a sudden feeling.But I struggled that should I insist on my tenet t--love is you most  love ,not put up with;or compromise to the reality.After all there always something that if it is not belong to you at first,it will not yours even if you stick to forever.



I read something this weekend by Russell Brand.  He said falling in love is like suddenly finding a ballroom in a house you've lived in for years.  I liked that, but maybe it isn't relevant to what your saying. 

Affinity between you and your lovers is critical for your relationship . It can determine if you are going to be with your lover in the following days. Tenet applied to love rules seems silly in my opinion .

How is your face so twitched , were you hurted before?? ^-^

David,thank you for reply to me.I understand what you said.Though that words does not relevant to my topic too much.But I think that words is brillant.Love is a surprise ,the surprise you find it suddenly.

Allen,thank for your replies ,too.Hurted? You mean my face?Oh ,no.You had mistakend.My face is normol,and I just take a twiched face photo just for fun.There is a Japan film named <Memories of Matsuko>,at that film Matsuko once had made a similar face as mine to make her father happy.I thought that face is funny,so I also had took a face photo like that.

Tenet ,I means life tenet ,that I should put my heart into the thing that I loved,not put up with for reasons,inculd love.But I don't mean that I will take tenet into love ,I mean that when I falling love I will not so inflexible.

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