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Purely Logical Debate about Religion

Is it possible to have a purely logical debate ( no emotionally and personally attachment) if the topic is about religion?



Absolutely not, because humans are emotional animals at the core.

No, I don't think it's possible.  I've seen too many examples here where people begin a discussion of religion, and the discussion quickly degenerates into a verbal brawl. 


I say no because logic is scientific.  It is a scientific formula that necessary to be able to prove something, and religion cannot be proven. That is why they call it faith: the ability to believe something without seeing or proving.

When people form their opinion, they tend to seek out evidence that support their point of view and discard anything that contradicts it. This psychological phenomenon is known as confirmation bias. It goes for scientists too - scientists are humans, and they are susceptible to confirmation bias as well as other people. Scientists often can't come to the same conclusion and have a few different theories on a problem for example. And each group has their own logical proofs. So I dont see how two people with certain religious views can discuss it without being influenced by their views.

Absolutely yes. A key is to stay open minded and to find common thoughts. But i would debate about belief and avoid religion. "Religion is a set doctrine of beliefs." and it makes brains liquified.


I think it is not possible to find truth. But it is possible to estimate what could be truth and hope that the estimation is right.


simplified example:  i measure something and i have a set of different values. What should i do? I will count mean value. If i want to find right value i need to know infinite number of measured values (points of view).


This is such a great question!  If the people discussing religion are both non-religious people then I think it is possible.  However if one or both people in the conversation have strong religious beliefs then I think it would be difficult perhaps impossible to have a purely logical debate.

Wow! Even discussion about "discussion" is starting to swell here. ))

 Sure, if the two parties recognize that there is a difference between a "debate about religion" and a "religious debate."

I think that intolerance is not because of religion, but is the mentality of the person who interviews, there are people who do not accept the difference and think they are always p right and that all the people in the wrong, so I do not think that the question in its proper place, the question better, you humans or the differencereligion is the cause of the failure of the dialogue???

You want to have a logical debate about something which is illogical?

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