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Arab Films and Documentaries.

In my Cultural Diversity class, Muslim Americans is my thesis topic. I am expanding my knowledge of present, as well as past. I have watched several movies on Islam, Judaism, and Arab cultures. Does anyone have any suggestions of movies I can get access to in the USA? Preferably for free. I'm on a student budget. Maybe on Netflix, or Hulu, or PFTV.



Do you only want movies? I haven't seen any movies but theres plenty of videos you can watch. The deen show features alot on American muslims   

Although, i'm not sure if you'll be able to reference this type of thing for your thesis. If i find anything useful i'll send it. 


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i hope you like this film

I will recommend to  watch  a TV program  called " A civilization maker " , It covers  the biography of Omar ibn el khatab  ,but you will get rich information about the islamic civilization , and here is the link you will find these Episodes are translated in English and French.

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u wanna know about islam

why don't u wanna learn mandarin? if u wanna i think we will be partners, are there any friends of yours wanna practice oral mandarin, if they want you can tell them a Chinese guy is looking for a partner who will help with his spoken English.and he would like help with your oral wishes!thanks!

if you wana to know a correct information about arab and islam don't ever watch movies , try the trusted translation of islamic arabic book , and for sure you should start with a translation of the meaning of the Holy Qura'an 

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