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Este mundo es horrible.

Grand Theft Auto V (cinqo) hizo ochociento millones de dólares en un día. Casi cuatro millones ninos mueren de hambre cada año. Esto es patetico. Vergonzoso.



Yo prefiero no fijarme en lo que hacen los demás con su dinero, precisamente porque es SUYO, no mío. En vez de juzgar a otras personas, prefiero preguntarme ¿qué he hecho yo para ayudar a los hambrientos?

Grand Theft Auto V (cinqo)  (cinco) hizo ochociento  ochocientos millones de dólares en un día. Casi cuatro millones de niños ninos mueren de hambre cada año. Esto es patetico patético. Vergonzoso

Vaya! me alegra que pienses de esa manera.......... crei que yo era el unico =)

simpre van a haber personas que digan cosas así, pero escribiste esto, significa que tienes internet, el internet cuesta dinero, con ese dinero podrías ayudar niños pobres. porque no lo haces?

yo no te juzgo, yo tampoco lo hago. pero por la misma razón que tu no dejas tu internet para ayudar niños pobres otras personas con mas dinero tampoco sus cosas para ayudarlos.....

I cant argue with you in Spanish, because my Spanish is terrible. I can tell you this, though. I have internet, because I go to college online. To be a Social Worker. My student loans pay for it. And hopefully with that social work degree, I can feed more people than I can without a degree. I work full time in health care. and I already volunteer at shelter than helps homeless people get back on their feet, every week. I also feed homeless people as often as I can afford to, Usually once a week i take some food up the people who wander my city, but I am not rich. If I wanted to buy GTA V, I could buy it with my student loan money, but I would never spend $50 or $60 on a video game. The point is, No one should be spending 2 million dollars to create a game, that 800million people buy for $60. There are more important things to be focusing on. PLUS, the new xbox comes out in hew a few months, and this game wont even be able to be played on it. What a waste.

Your thought is very  warm-hearted and open-minded, but some countries should to be blame.Why those people are just so accustomed to get wealfare and relieve from western world rather than cultivate crops themselfs?

There is an old saying :Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime

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