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刚刚换了一份工作,对个人能力要求很高,不仅专业知识要求高,还要求英语水平好,我最担心的不是专业知识,而是见到外国人,每次见到他们,我不知道怎么跟他们交流,也很难听懂他们说话,记得第一次见到总经理,我只会说“How do you do”然后他说的话我一句都没听懂,真是很悲哀,每次也害怕开会,全是英语,我一句也听不懂,那语速真是神啊,偶尔能听懂几个单词,听天书的感觉真是不爽,如此下来,觉得工作的很压抑,决心把英语水平提上去,但是一直找不到一个合适大方法。众多的烦恼,让人更压抑,唉,这是怎么了?



If you were worried about your English , practice plus efforts would be inevitable . We rarely use how do you do at present socialization . We prefer to use "How are you doing " or "how are you today ". You can see your progress if you were willing to pay more intelligence and time .


Thank you very much ,Thanks for your opinion


Or you could join some English clubs that could help you enhance your level.  That could do!

But no advert here, I know. Therefore you can search on the Internet. 


can you recommend me some places ?thank you


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