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What do you think and know about the Mexicans?

I'm David from Mexico, i want to know what do you think about our culture, way of live, traditions,..... ?




I have heard many good things and many bad things about Mexico.


Of course, I will mention only the good things on this forum!


1. The Mexican people are very friendly.

2. Mexican food is very delicious.

3. Mexico has some very beautiful scenery.

4. Mexican pop music is wonderful.  (I really liked Fey in the 1990's.)


Because of the bad things (which I will not mention), I am afraid to visit Mexico.


But I wish you and all the Mexican people the very  best of luck.

I live in the Boston area, which is pretty far from Mexico. I think the only thing I have really heard about Mexican culture is the Day of the Dead festival. I have heard that in Mexican culture, people understand that death is a natural part of life, and do not avoid thinking about it as much as we do in the US. I also have the impression that in Mexican culture, it is more important to have connections or relationships with other people, and less important to be exactly on time or early to appointments.


I think sometimes in the US, we have a strange impression of all other countries, because we most often meet people from those countries who have moved to the US (and not the ones who stayed home). So it is easy to get the mistaken impression that everyone wants to move here.


20 years ago, I think people in the southern california part of the US visited Mexico more often. I think now people have become more nervous about drug related violence or kidnappings.

I don't know about Mexic^^

- Spicy food, burritos and enchiladas

- Violence and human trafficking

- Drugs

- Charros

- La caida de edgar, Lol

It is hot, you have sombreros, tequila, nice people, spicy food, pregnant teenagers, and a beautiful language.

I think the mexican culture is wonderful! 

I love the music and the food especially :)

Me gusta lonches! Mhmm, son rico :D


I think the catholic traditions are very nice too.  And the language is beautiful.

I only wish there wasn't such uncertainty about the safety for tourists is certain parts of Mexico.  However, I guess there is that in many countries.  So that applies to many places. 


But on a positive note  :

FOOD! so so so delicious

Hello !!!.. Thanks for your answers. It's nice to know that you know about our rich traditions. :) ... The food its really tasty but the "Burritos" aren't mexican food, Burritos are similar to Tacos but the tacos are mexican and burritos are a variation created in USA.

The mexican are very friendly people, the violence related to drugs is our worst problem in the north part, in the center and the south of the country there isn't that problem. Thanks for your comments, if anyone want to practice english and spanish with me, please feel free to contact me.

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