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Do you think all genius are crazy?

How do you detect a genius? because he/she is crazy. I think anybody can be a genius, like 'the genius of mechanics' or 'the genius of the kitchen'. What do you think about? A person need to be crazy to be a genius...



I believe you cannot be a genius if you follow someone's rules. Even if these rules define sanity in common sense :-D That's why not any person can be a genius -- not anybody is ready to become insane for that!

they just enjoy themselves.

it's a thin line between an insane person and a genius.

first of all you have to say what is to be "crazy". I'm just gonna say that:

the people who thought a long time ago that the earth is a sphere was considered crazy ;)

i think mostly poets are little bit creazy,i think because they live too much in imagination

Most geniuses are not so social and moderate as most people are . They spend most their time in stepping out the current frame instead they must be crazy to some extent . Moreover, most of them are loving work in their field . They are some degree workaholic .

When you say crazy, i take it you are saying not "normal" or a person who doesn't do things that are considered with in the box. So i guess the answer is yes, by those standards all of them have to be considered different or strange. But that is because of what is going on within them. I think its hard for us to comprend what goes on in the mind of these sorts of people.

I dont think they are crazy perhaps they have personality and brain disorder hehe.. since their personality and brain are not same with average people.

I would rather say those genuis has special talent than they are "crazy" . Most of them have strong faith and capacity to deal with something extraordinary . Maybe they are not crazy , but they must be so unique to most average people .

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