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Why The Beatles are better than The Rolling Stones?

It´s a difficult topic because in both groups there are strong personalities. For example in the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger is very good in the staf,  with his fans. It´s the most famous member of this group. However when we talk abiut The Beatles, there are two important members, theirs names are Sir James Paul McCartney and John Winston Lennon. Both continuously compete each other. There was too much rivalry, as a result they made too many famous songs, such as: Paul's songs: We can work it out, Yesterday, Penny Lane and the John´s songs are: I´m the walrus, ticket to ride, come together, between other songs. The Beatles made a song for the Rolling Stones called /I want to be your man/. Both groups had a good friendship.



Thank you for the comments. My favourite group is The BEE GEES but I must recognize that The Beatles are the gods of Rock & Roll. I want to share my favourite song of them.

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