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Study two languages at the same time??'

Hi, My friends? I would lie to know your oppinions about if it's possible to study two languages at the same time? What are your suggestions or which things we must care before start.

I'm learning arabic, but i want to learn italian at the same time, I started with italian, but I stopped my studies for a while. (basicly because i don't have too many free time to study both two, and I have to take into account that I'm learning them by myself.

So I prefer to focus all these weeks in 100% arabic, then when I get a more solid basis in arabic, I will restart my learning of italian.

what do yo think about it????? Have you ahd any experience before studying two or more languages at the same time?



I wouldn't say it's smart to study two languages at the same time. If you do that then I think you will progress very slowly. It's already hard enough to learn one.

you'd better not,it can just make you fuss.

I'm learning two languges right now, and it's going quite well, japanese and Korean, i had some problems with mixing of the alphabets, but now all is okay. :)


Sometimes it may be confusing or it may be very challenging. I must say Arabic and Italian are languages with a different alphabet, maybe it takes you longer to learn how to write Arabic, instead you can progress more in Italian since you already know the alphabet, even if Italian grammar isn't easy. Being different, maybe you can study both, if you get bored about one language you can switch to the other one :) eheh..anyway it takes time and if you are really serious in learning probably you'll end up studying just one of the two for a period, then continue to study the other one..anyway i'm Italian native speaker..if you need help, i'm here.. 

Fabio, i think the same than you, I think it may be more confusing if languages are similar.. Arabic is so different to the other languages,  and incredibly I had more confusions with Italian, Italian is so similar to spanish an portuguese (talking about words) but grammar is different, so words are so similar than in my mind, as I relate most of the words with its spanish or portuguese versions, my mind also relates the grammar.. 

I cannot wait to restart studying italian very soon..


I think study two languages it's very difficult because you don't have many time this is my opinion

any way you see your wish as you like

my greeting

I found it difficult to do when I was younger but now I have no problems with studying several languages at once. You just have to train your brain to separate them in your head (so that you don't confuse them) and you need to ensure that you have enough motivation to apply yourself in all of them. The only limiting factors are time and effort.

Well, you've posed a good question.  Let's face it, we're all different.  If we ask 10 people this same question, we may get something like 3 yes votes; 4 no; and 3 it depends.  

Me personally, I feel the younger the person is, the easier this would be.  Maybe I should say (less difficult)?  Also, if a person has a lot of extra time on their hands, separating lessons, notebooks, thoughts, etc... will be much easier.  You did indicate you basically stopped studying Italian due to a lack of extra time, so you might already have your answer.


Just my thoughts, and best of luck!


in school,i studied English and French,so i think u can  studytwo langusges.

Thanks, of all your answer..  I think I will try to find a way to reorganise my schedules, so I would able to learn both languages.. Maybe my progress will be slower, but there's always a sacrifice  on the balance.



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