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Does anyone care to chat via Skype?

I'd like to chat with native English speakers who are kind enough to help me improve my English *for free* :) I am a native Russian speaker, so hit me up if you're interested in a 50/50 language exchange as well( I can help you learn Russian). I'm a friendly and open person :) Thanks!



hi dear

how are you ?

hope all is okay

Actually i'm not native speaker in English but i would like to chat with you via Skype

i hope you don't mind

it will be great pleasure for me if you accepted

also i can help you in Arabic if you want

that is my native languae


i will send my Skype ID for you in a private message

hope talk with you soon

Have a nice day dear  

I can help you out in practicing English. If you are interested then do let me know.

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