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Who has changed the own life in another country although he didn't know the local language?

I recently read a beautiful sentence that says: "Home is where the heart is and that's got nothing to do with words". Are you agree or do you think before making a decision about moving you need to learn the language?



I think if you want to emigrate to another country for work or long stay , tt is necessary to learn local language to some extent . I know some people who live in foreign countries for a long time cannot speak local language well . Nothing I can say but feel really regretful for their deeds . It is pathetic for them . As for your concept about family , I would like to share one sentimenal :"Where there is momi , there is a home ".

I agree with Allen, because it's very important to know local language, because you could stay in some strange situations. e.g. ( you should talk with a friend or a general person, how will you do?).

Well, certainly like tells my country (Catania in Sicily )  every world is country (translate - ogni mondo é paese) means that the world is universal.


I think you have taken too literally the words).Emigration is not impulse of the soul.It is often  a forced measure.And if you respect the culture of this country is better to know the language 

To learn a language is not so hard compared to identify with another culture . I know some immigrants who cannot or unwilling to learn local  language . Most of them cannot enjoy their lives with locals . It is very regretful . They must have some loss in their souls .

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