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Do you have economical help to study at University?



do you mean scholarship or help from government or charities?

Yes it was what I mean.

It´s difficult to obtain here in Spain...

and there?

yea it is difficult in turkey as well. But somehow if you know some people from government it is too easy :P

No, absolutely none. Only kids who have only one parent have like scholarships, monthly.

Oh, so, you have to work to pay your university´s studies...

As well if you have rich father, you haven´t, but if you come from a poor family, dont you receive an economic (or economical?) aid??

Maybe it´s because there are developed countries... here in Spain there is crisis, and it´s difficult to study if you hasn´t a job...

And what do you mean with high education? University, master´s degree, high school...? what is the limit of the free in studies?

And why do you say that it´s difficult to combine study and family?

Can you find financial support enough to be educated in Unidersity .


If you want to get grant in the level of undergraduate study , it would be hard to obtain , however, if  you were talent and smart enough to get Ph.D or master degree , I guess you have gold opportunity to be granted . Needless to say , What you major subject is also determines if you can get scholarship .


Finally , I guess you can combine study and family as I used to . But I have to confess , you will sacrifice either side to some extent . So my sincere sugguestion is : before your determination to get higher education , you had better deal a agreement with your family . That will help you study more smoothly and happier . This my vision .

Yes. There are scholarships you can earn here in the U.S. and also there is financial aid from the college- my school gives lots of financial aid. You can also take out loans but you have to pay those back once you're out of college/university and they can be expensive.

in my country, low-income students can also take out loans, if you pay back immediately when you're out of the college,you don't have to pay interest rate for 4 years.but if you can't, you have to pay interest rate for 4 years. it is about 6% per year.


After reading all coments, I think Indian government is much better in providing financial aid for higher education, because 


One, ALL (Private and Public Universities students) the PhD and Post PhD students get attractive monthly stipend, free accomodation besides low admission fee.


Two, Bacheloer and Master degree students also enjoy above benefits subjected to some Socio-Economic and other conditions.  


Three, "Right to Education" is our fundamental right, hence govt have to provide free education all children of 6-14 year old.  Govt also gives mid day meals to all childrens in this age category besides free cloth, books, milk, bicycle, etc.


Four, In professional courses like Engineering, Medical seat are reserved for meritorious student and govt help them to pursue thier higher education. Rich people can buy the seat too!! 


Thank you:)  

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